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Lunch Menu


(Available Monday to Saturday | 12pm until 2pm)

3 COURSE LUNCH: £17.90


Soup of the Day
please ask

Pate della Casa
homemade pate served with toasted bread

Fegatini alla Veneziana
chicken livers sautéed with onions & chilli

avocado, mozzarella & bacon salad

Caprese Salad
mozzarella, tomato & basil salad, topped with roquette leaves (V)

Vegetarian Antipasto
grilled vegetables, asparagus, salad leaves & artichokes (V)

Oriental Tempura King Prawns
deep fried tempura battered king prawns, served with sweet chilli mayonnaise

Funghi Ripieni
button mushrooms filled with garlic butter & breadcrumbs (V)

Mussels Provencal
fresh black mussels served in a garlic, tomato & onion sauce

Gravlax & Prawns
dill cured salmon served with prawns, salad garnish & Marie Rose sauce

Seafood Salad
poached calamari, mussels, prawns, crayfish, crab sticks, julienne of carrot & celery, marinated & served on salad leaves

Salt & Pepper White Bait
white bait coated in salt & pepper & deep-fried, served with an anchovy & caper mayonnaise

Smoked Chicken & Duck Salad
served with a balsamic vinegar & olive oil dressing

Minestrone alla Paesana
freshly made Italian vegetable soup (V)

Spicy Chicken Wings
served in a garlic & chilli sauce

Warm Goats Cheese
on a large field mushroom & crouton of polenta, topped with roasted vegetables, served on a bed of salad leaves with fresh basil flavoured dressing (V)

Crayfish Orientale
crayfish tails served hot in a ginger & spring onion sauce

Italian Antipasto
selection of cured Italian meats with salad leaves & olives

Black Pudding & Salami Bruschetta
pan- fried salami & black pudding served with caramelised onions on toasted Italian bread

Melone Fantasia
seasonal melon & exotic fruits served with a fruit coulis (V)

Belly Pork
tender pieces of slow roasted belly pork, lightly floured & fried, served with a spicy red onion marmalade

Smoked Tuna
thinly sliced fillet of smoked tuna served on a bed of leaves & drizzled with orange infused olive oil, served with toast

Frogs Legs
sautéed in a white wine, butter & garlic sauce


Game Pie
pigeon, grouse & pheasant slowly cooked in a rich red wine sauce and served in a pastry casing

Crespelle Orchard
folded pancake filled with chicken, ham & spinach, finished in a creamy cheese sauce

Ravioli al Granchio
large crabmeat filled ravioli served in a creamy tomato, crayfish & basil sauce

Pheasant Toscano
boneless breasts of pheasant, pan-fried with pancetta & sautéed mushrooms, finished in a Chianti sauce, served with a truffle ravioli*

Fusilli Amatriciana
large spirals of pasta served in a smoked ham, spicy salami, Italian sausage & tomato sauce

Chicken Caesar Salad
grilled chicken breast on crisp salad leaves with crispy bacon, parmesan shavings and croutons, bound with a classic Caesar dressing

Swordfish Steak
simply grilled and served on salad leaves, with salsa verde *

Duck Leg
served in an orange & apricot sauce*

Pizza Zingara
chicken & sweetcorn

Venison Casserole
prime pieces of tender venison, slowly braised with red wine, mushrooms & herbs, served in a vol-au-vent *

Pollo alla Crema
chicken breast cooked with onions, mushrooms, white wine & cream*

Tortelloni di Ricotta e Spinaci
pasta parcels filled with spinach & ricotta cheese in a creamy spinach sauce (V)

Spicy Pork
strips of pork tenderloin pan- fried with mushrooms, sweet chilli & fresh ginger, served with rice

Fillet of Lemon Sole
rolled & filled with seasoned spinach, served in a creamy mornay & prawn sauce*

Involtini Cacciatore
savoy cabbage rolled & filled with seasoned pork mince & wrapped in smoked ham, topped with a cheese sauce*

Pizza Romana
ham & mushrooms

layers of egg pasta topped with Bolognese sauce

Pizza Vegetarian
with freshly grilled aubergines, courgettes, peppers & asparagus (V)

Slow Roasted Pork
seasoned leg of free-range pork, rolled & served sliced in a red wine sauce *

Breaded Potato Fish Cakes
served on salad leaves with sweet chilli mayonnaise

Pollo Diane
chicken breast cooked with onions, mushrooms & French mustard, finished with cream & wine*

Scaloppine Pinocchio
escallops of pork cooked with peppers in a fresh cream & brandy sauce*

Fettuccine al Salmone
pasta ribbons in a light cream sauce with fresh & smoked salmon, sun dried tomatoes & basil

Chicken Stroganoff
tender strips of chicken in a cream, paprila, mushrooms, onion & red wine sauce, served with rice Pasta

Pasta Carbonara
Neapolitan pasta in a classic creamy, egg, pancetta & parmesan sauce

Rump Steak al Pepe
grilled medallions of rump steak served in a black pepper, cream & brandy sauce*

Tortellini alla Crema
meat filled pasta in a cream, ham & mushroom sauce

Pizza Hawaiian
ham & pineapple

Salmon rolled with Scallops
served in a crayfish & thermidor sauce*


Focaccia Rosmarino 4.90
rosemary, olive oil & sea salt

Garlic Bread 4.90

Garlic Bread & Tomato 4.90

Garlic Bread & Cheese 5.50

Garlic Bread Mexicano 4.90
onions, tomato fresh chilli & garlic

Bowl of Olives 3.90
selection of green & black

French Fries 3.50

Mixed Salad Bowl 3.70


Homemade Tiramisu
layers of mascarpone cream cheese & savoiardi biscuits, soaked in coffee flavoured liqueur

Homemade Apple Crumble
traditional apple crumble served with crème anglaise

Assorted Ices
any three flavours from vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, rum & raisin, banana & butterscotch or mint choc chip

Sticky Toffee Pudding
served warm with toffee sauce

Mixed Berry Meringue Nest
raspberries, blueberries & blackberries nested in meringue, with lightly whipped cream

Panettone Pudding
homemade Italian style bread & butter pudding



Pinot Grigio (House) 3.00/6.00

Rose 3.20/6.40

Verduzzo 3.20/6.40

Sauvignon 3.80/7.60
medium bodied, good acidity

Chardonnay 4.00/8.00
lightly oaked, full of character



Merlot (House) 3.00/6.00

Dolcetto 3.20/6.40

Refosco 3.20/6.40
intense & tannic with lasting aftertaste

Cabernet Sauvignon 3.80/7.60
dry & fruity

Morellino di Scansano 4.20/8.40
fresh & fruity

Barbera d’Alba 5.50/11.00
subtle fruit aroma, full flavour


Prosecco 4.80/9.60
sparkling dry

Prosecco Rose 4.90/9.80


Red & White 75cl 15.90

Rose 17.50